Great Minibeast Hunt

  • urban
  • Visited: 05/01/18
Created by: Annette Patterson (Monaleen N.S.)
Who participated:
  • 1st Class

Eco Safari Description

Season of the visit: Spring

We concentrated on minibeasts for our Spring Eco-rangers walk. First we discussed all the minibeasts that were on our card and we thought about the best places around our school where we could find them. Some of the children suggested that it might be better to go on our walk after it had rained as some of the minibeasts would come to the surface after the rain

We found almost all the minibeasts while on our walk but it was difficult to capture all of them on camera as they tended to scurry away very quickly! While on our walk, we saw some lovely spring flowers blooming – the daffodil, some tulips and some daisies. The dragonfly was the only minibeast that we did not see around the school and within the school garden.

Points of Interest

Eco Safari Distance

  1. N/A
  2. 0-0.25 km
  3. 0.25-0.5 km
  4. 0.5-0.75 km
  5. 1 km+

Eco Safari Difficulty



  • 15-30 mins.



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Did you know?

The robin is one of our best known birds with their distinctive red breast, both male and female look similar, however young Robins do not have a red breast.

Bord na Mona

Feeding our urban birds during the winter helps these birds to survive and also allows us to see these wonderful creatures up close.

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