Lismany Bog Field Trip

  • peatland
  • Visited: 13/11/18
Created by: Anne Marie McEvoy (Lawrencetown N.S.)
Who participated:
  • Whole School

Eco Safari Description

Season of the visit: Summer

To celebrate National Biodiversity Week, our pupils went on a field trip to one of our local bogs: Lismany Bog, not far from our school.

Elaine O'Riordan, a Biodiversity Officer from Galway County Council accompanied us to Lismany Bog. She told us how bogs are formed and we learned so much about the amazing flora and fauna there. We took a little stroll around the bog and dipped a net in the pond to discover more creatures that make the bog their home.

Points of Interest


We saw lots of flora and fauna including heathers, spaghnum moss, willow trees and bog cotton. We also saw dragonflies, frogs, tadpoles, the carnivorous sundew plant and we were even lucky enough to hear the cuckoo.

Eco Safari Distance

  1. N/A
  2. 0-0.25 km
  3. 0.25-0.5 km
  4. 0.5-0.75 km
  5. 1 km+

Eco Safari Difficulty



  • 30mins - 1 hour


  • Parking


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Did you know?

thought that the Irish Hare did not turn white during the winter, however a severe cold snap saw many hares turn white. Many white Hares were observed in the Lough Boora Discovery Park at this time.

Bord na Mona

A bog plant, bog Myrtle can be rubbed on your skin to help keep midges away.

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