Road Safety

  • woodland
  • Visited: 05/03/18
Created by: Marian Crinnigan (Aughavas N. S.)
Who participated:
  • Junior Infants
  • Senior Infants
  • 1st Class

Eco Safari Description

Season of the visit: Spring

Our class went on an eco safari along the road up to the school. We walked to the church and observed road safety along the route.

We put on our high visibility jackets and went on a walk to the church. On the route we observed road signs and discussed what they mean. We practised our safe cross code while crossing the road.
In the classroom we talked about the importance of wearing seatbelts and the consequences of not wearing one.The children got their seatbelt sheriff badges and awards. They all took the seatbelt sheriff oath. They got safe cross code colouring books and pencils.We practised singing the safe cross code.

Points of Interest

Eco Safari Distance

  1. N/A
  2. 0-0.25 km
  3. 0.25-0.5 km
  4. 0.5-0.75 km
  5. 1 km+

Eco Safari Difficulty



  • 15-30 mins.



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Did you know?

If you visit a woodland in the autumn you can see lots of different fungi (mushrooms), some fungi have long roots (mycena) that form symbiotic relationships with trees, this partnership helps both organisms to survive.

Bord na Mona

Grey Squirrels were brought to Ireland from North America, the Grey competes with the Reds for food and also transmits a disease to them. Grey Squirrels also damage trees so foresters are not fond of them.

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